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How long does it take until you get promoted to a specific group
A user's group is determined by a point system and automatically assigned by TS3-Ranking, where a score is calculated out of various factors. What exactly affects a user's score is confidential in order to prevent misuse (e.g. through targeted farming).

However, negative behavior also negatively affects a user's score and can even lead to the loss of one or more groups! Two examples for negative behaviour would be bans/kicks or (audited) complaints filed against a user.

In case of good behaviour and regular use of the server, the following table can be seen as guideline (without guarantee, of cource).

GroupØ Time Required
Silver1 Month
Gold6 Months
Platinum12 Months
What is the ranking of the individual groups
Bronze → Silver → Gold → Platinum → VIP → Moderator → Server Owner
Why does the server only have 32 slots now
The evaluation of our statistical data has shown that the costs for a 64 slot license are no longer worthwhile, since the use of the server has decreased significantly in recent years.

Based on the statistical data, it can also be assumed that the user limit will only be reached a few times per year, if at all. The chart below shows the number of ticks per year in which more than 31 users were online at the same time (1 tick = every five minutes).

Number of ticks with more than 31 users online (1 tick = every five minutes)

As you can see, the number of ticks with more than 31 users online at the same time has already been declining since 2017 and 2020 is only an outlier from this trend thanks to the Corona lockdowns.

The reduction in slots and the introduction of Disengage should therefore go almost unnoticed during normal use of the server.
How long remain uploaded files available on the server
Files that are uploaded through the file browser of the server are not automatically deleted after a certain time.
However, from time to time, the uploaded files will be tidied out during maintenance, by mainly deleting old files (>6 months). If it is planned to remove files, it is always mentioned in the announcements of the maintenance work.
Is it possible to get a private permanent channel
No, sorry! A principle of this server has always been to keep the channel tree as small and overseeable as possible. Thats also the reason for the unity of all existing channels & the idea behind Balance Channel.

However, as a small compensation it is possible to create temporary channels which can be also be assigned with a password. The only difference to permanent channels is that they will be deleted as soon as they are empty.

Most groups are authorized to create such temporary private channels. To create such a channel simply right-click on any existing channel and then select "Create Channel". Just enter your channel name and a password, if desired. The channel is then attached at the end of the channel tree and the creator receives administrative right for this channel.
Does one lose his group, if they are inactive for too long
No! The assigned group and also no other information is removed due to long inactivity. The current amount of ranking points also isn't affected by inactivity.
Transfer identity to new / reinstalled computer
Sometimes it happens that you have to reinstall your PC or simply get a new one. To avoid having to relinquish your group, permissions etc. on a server when you re-install Teamspeak (applies to all servers you might be using), it is possible to back up your identity and then import it afterwards.

To do this, simply go to "Tools → Identities" and export them by "Right click → Export" on each identity you want to export. Most users probably only have to export the default identity (marked in bold).

After reinstalling Teamspeak open "Tools → Identities" again and import the desired identities, by "Right click → Import" on a empty space in the lefthand list. Now you only have to select your imported identity as default again, by "Right click → Default".

Please note, if you have previously imported favorites and you configured some of them to use certain identities, you may need to re-configure them.

Alternatively "myTeamSpeak" can also be used to synchonize your identities!
Just connect your Teamspeak client to your myTeamSpeak-Account, at "Tools → Options → myTeamSpeak". Enable "Synchronization" in the same window - it is recommended to use "Automatic".
Why is the login no longer available
The login and all associated features (e.g. user profiles) were removed, because these were only used by a few users and because it makes it easier to maintain the site.
What is "TS3-Balance-Channel" / What is a "Balance Laberecke"
"Balance-Channel" is a self-written script that creates new channels ("Balance Laberecke"), if there aren't enough free channels on the server.
As soon as there are enough free channel again, the amount of Balance Channel will be reduced, as long as they aren't used at the moment.

This way, it is possible to guarantee each user a free channel, without having to increase the size of the channel tree permanently and thereby making it unnecessarily confusing.
What is "TS3-Blacklist"
"Blacklist" is a self-written script that checks the nicknames of all connected users for inappropriate words.

If someone is using a inappropriate word in his nickname he will by notified via poke and instructed to remove the specific word from his nickname, in the given time. If the users doesn't follow this instruction, he will be temporarily banned from the server. The duration of the ban is affected by prior blacklist warnings.

The prohibited words include mostly racist terminology and some terms that are reserved for the server.
What is "TS3-Complaints"
"Complaints" is a self-written script that notifies admins and moderators about new complaints, that have been submitted via the appropriate function of the client.

This allows moderators to respond as quickly as possible to these complaints and look into the situation.

Therefore, it is prefered if complaints are submitted via the appropriate function, instead of contacting a moderator directly. This way we also gain the benefit, that these complaints can be taken into consideration for future decisions, because they are automatically archived.

To submit a complaint against a troublemaker: Right click onto the troublemaker and then select "Make a Complaint". Then enter a valid reason for your complaint.
What is "TS3-Disengage"
"Disengage" is a self-written script that kicks absent users off the server should it reach its user limit. Each group has a maximum idle time, that you can find in the privilege overview. It's worth emphasizing, that the maximum idle times only apply when the server is full!

"Disengage" was introduced because the server's slots were reduced due to cost-benefit reasons.
What is "TS3-Messages"
"Messages" is a self-written script, which pokes clients to notify them about unread offline messages. Because Teamspeak itself does this only by displaying a small insignificant symbol at the bottom of the window, thus most people never noticed that they even got offline messages.
What is "TS3-Statistics"
"Statistics" is a self-written script that collects various information about the activities on the server and stores them for later analysis. Some of these data are visible on the website, others may be used by TS3-Ranking for calculating ranking points of the users.
What is "TS3-Ranking"
„Ranking“ is a self-written script that automatically assigns users to a server group, based on their activity and behavior on the server. For this purpose, a score is determined, which is influenced by various administrative protocols and the data collected by TS3-Statistics.

Negative behavior decreases a user’s score, dramatically increasing the time it takes to reach the next server group. In case of excessive negative behavior, a user will be demoted by one or more groups.

Users are informed via offline message about a change of their server group.