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General Privileges
Avatar Storage Space 1 MiB3 MiB5 MiB5 MiB5 MiB
Upload Volume for Files (per month) 10 MiB100 MiB300 MiB600 MiB1 GiB1 GiB
Maximum Idle Time 20 min40 min1 h1 h 30 min1 h 30 min
Submit Private Messages
Use Channel Chat
View Complaints
Submit Complaints Against Others
Delete Complaints (submitted by you)
Poke Users
Create Private Channels
Submit Offline Messages
Whisper with Other Users
Enter the Exclusive Channel (Stammtisch)
Enter "VIP-Bereich"
Ignore Bans
Additional Connections to the Server 1x
Use Global Server Chat


Voice Encryption

All voice traffic on this Teamspeak server is encrypted - no one, except maybe government, can eavesdrop on you and your friends while playing.

Publicly Accessible Server

This server is open for everyone on the World Wide Web - under two conditions:
1. Gamer.. *cough* / 2. You ought to be able to communicate with Admins or Mods - this means: German or at least English :-)

Unlimited Download Speed

The download and upload speed will not be slowed down artificially at any time! The server is always doing as good as he can. For this, I stand with my name..

Balance Channel 2.0

A small self-written program ensures that a sufficient amount of free channels is always available on the server. No matter how crowded it's getting, there will always be an empty channel, just waiting for you and your friends!